Training Services MindWorks

Today, there is a battle on the business market to find good employees. It is more important than ever to find creative and affordable ways to recruit the right person for the right job and retain them.

Finding the ‘golden employee’ and developing their fullest potential is the key to a winning corporation today!

MindWorks consultants have designed recruitment strategies and interviewed thousands of people for leading multinational corporations.

We know the tricks, where to advertise, how to source candidates, how to effectively search and select the most relevant candidate, how to ask probing questions to have concrete responses and how to validate a person’s resume.

We can share with you the best attitude to adopt in an interview in order to have the most optimal conditions and positive interview experience.

Type of Recruitment Training:

  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Interviewing ‘Best Practice’
  • Integrity Building and Competency alignment to Corporate Culture
  • Soft Skills (communication (verbal/non-verbal), pressure/time management, team collaboration and unity)
  • Developing Agents for Change
  • Coaching (individual career mobility/group) performance enhancement and outplacement