Job Seekers MindWorks

MindWorks Candidate Searching finds quality candidates through a multiple array of sources. We use our proprietary database of 20,000 resumes in Benelux.

We have established relationships with the top universities mainly focused on IT/Engineering.

We are experienced with the latest internet social networks and job boards. We have a reputation on the Benelux market and our personal network is alive and active.

Here is a list of sources that we use however, it’s important to conduct a sourcing strategy which is tailored to the client’s industry and needs.
For Belgian companies.
For English speaking, International environment.
General, high quality international job portal (including the top 5 management consultancy firms who advertise here).
Professional social network.
For Belgian companies and public sector.
For Belgian or multinational corporate environments. Mostly middle management and executive level positions.
For the Benelux. Also blue collar functions and internships.
Flemish job board: online and in print.
Belgian, French speaking job board.
French speaking job portal.

General Belgian job portal.

Newspapers | Le Soir, Le Vacature, Data News (IT), Metro, …
International job portal for executive positions.
For European jobs.
For ICT jobs in Belgium and Luxembourg.
Belgian, Flemish speaking job board.
Belgian, French speaking job board.
For international experts in law and political affairs, mostly Benelux.
For lower level jobs in the Benelux.
For jobs in the Benelux in finance, banking and insurance.
For IT jobs in Belgium.
Dutch and French speaking job portal for all industries.
For IT engineers, programmers and analysts.