Process and Methodology

MindWorks Recruitment Process

Gather functional requirements and define job description with the business

  • Set-up in person meeting or conference call
  • Define the job scope, technical skills required, soft skills required, context of the role, describe team, analysis of job challenges, look at the key performance indicators that this person will have to perform, identify key competencies necessary, get the budget)
  • Develop a job description if needed and have approved by decision-making body

Advertising Campaign

  • We handle the entire advertising process
  • Identify best sources to advertise (key professional journal, associations, on-line job boards, university and alumni groups, newspapers-written press)
  • Post the job on job boards and on the MindWorks website which has a reputation amongst IT Belgian Professionals

Search Phase

  • We actively search using key words the sources listed below and our proprietary database (20,000 candidates of which 75% are IT Belgians between 25-40, fluent in English (plus French/and or Dutch), who behold a minimum Bachelor diploma. 25% finance/HR/Admin/Sales/Marketing)


  • MindWorks Database, MindWorks website and Personal Referral Network
  • Off-line job boards, printed press (professional journals, data news, vaccature, metro, etc)
  • On-line job boards and databases (to list some…)
  • Monster, Stepstone, jobs-careers, brusselsjobs, eurojobs, Social Networks, yahoo groups, eFinancial Careers,
  • Application responses from advertisements

Selection phase

  • CV Analysis phase – evaluate the CVs based upon relevancy to the role, technical skills, consistency, CV integrity, validate work experience, evaluate stability of person, is CV eligible and professional.
  • Conduct an initial phone interview checking the candidate’s communication skills and to ensure that salary level, job location, language skills matches effectively.

Interview Phase

  • Develop scenarios and tailored questionnaire for each job description
  • Conduct an in depth interview using Competency Based interviewing techniques which tests soft skills. We also perform Situational Style Interview techniques. We develop scenarios and design a tailored made questionnaire for each job role.
  • Make an assessment to evaluate communication, structure, evaluate the concrete examples of work performed, evaluate emotional stability, integrity of individual, evaluate the potential of the individual
  • Technical Testing for specific projects (a technical test/or questionnaire can be developed together with MindWorks and the client, in order to have a tailored test) which will be administered
  • Check professional references of candidate
  • Call and/or email person who was either directly manager, colleague or client and get a verbal or written recommendation to validate their CV
  • Validate diplomas


  •  Send to client original resume (which is pre-screened and has passed through the rest of the process of above)
  • Provide to client a written MindWorks assessment which can be tailored to the specific clients need stating the following: The report on each candidate will at least contain the following elements, gathered during the face-to-face interview:
  • A full description of the academic background of the candidate
  • A description of the achievements, competencies and weaknesses of the candidate
  • Comments on the motivation for the job and expectations towards client
  • A full description of the present compensation and benefits package, and an indication of financial expectations of the candidate
  • The original Resume/CV
  • A thorough assessment of the adequacy between the experience and personality of the Candidate and the function he is presented for (taking into account the client’s corporate Culture).

The key to recruiting a successful person today is to correctly assess: AMP

Attitude (cultural fit)

Motivation (commitment)

Potential (capability)