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Whether you are presently employed, or between career challenges, registering yourself in our European database will help you stay informed about opportunities in the job market.

When MindWorks receives a search or selection request from a company, we employ various methods to match job seekers with a position. One of them is to search our proprietary database for potential candidates to fill the vacancy. It will be hard to find you if you are not in our system!

MindWorks, therefore, becomes an extension of your own personal resources. You will have access to our corporate network and extensive knowledge of job market openings in the Benelux region.

MindWorks will ensure that you have access to an efficient, flexible, and user-friendly process enhanced by the highest levels of confidentiality and security to manage your new employment process. You don’t pay anything for our services. The company, your new employer, pays all fees related to the process.

Most of the jobs listed here are with international high-tech companies and are located in Belgium.

  • They require an EU working permit. Fluency in English plus French or Dutch is required as we primarily fill jobs for multinational corporations in Belgium.
  • By being registered with MindWorks, you have a better chance of optimising your career. Therefore, send us your curriculum vitae.
  • To see a particular job with a multinational company in which we are representing, select the category you are interested in.
  • The company names are not disclosed for confidentiality reasons.