Sources MindWorks

A few examples of business collaboration.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals (American biotech start-up, established in 2007 Benelux Region)

  • Analysed biotech sector, sources, strategy to find people in Belgium
  • Launched on-line web campaign, developed with management enticing and realistic job specs, targeted competition
  • Recruited 15 people out of 25 in 6 month’s period. Sales were on target within 1st year of operations

Kiala (eBusiness start-up Logistics Corporation, French, acquired by UPS in 2012)

  • Designed recruitment strategy
  • Developed job profiles
  • Built their team from 10 to 25 over 3 year period

I-Pergy (part of Cable & Wireless Multinational Telecom British Corporation)

  • Built Brussels office from 2 to 30 employees
  • In 6 months, MindWorks sent 35 CVs to the client, 30 offers were made and 25 were placed